Social Enterprise

TONOS is a social enterprise. Entrepreneurship with social impact as its goal, while earning much-needed money! We offer healthcare facilities innovative solutions to the provision of efficient care to service users, while prioritising their welfare.

A reduced workload means staff feel more comfortable in their skins, which raises job satisfaction and the quality of care.

Creating a basic roster is faster and easier. This ensures flexibility and reduces stress in both staff and service users. Our customers’ basic roster is better aligned with the demand for care. This means service users don’t wait so long to receive care and the care staff’s workload is spread more evenly over the day. In turn, the result is satisfied service users, and healthcare professionals with more time to focus on the quality of care. Healthcare facilities also appreciate the reduction in capacity shortages because fewer FTEs are needed.

Our mission? Improving care by balancing demand for care with capacity more intelligently. Leave the difficult puzzle to the computer and the final decisions to people.